Is There a Business Card Scanner for You?

Even though the virtual business card is readily available through companies such as Switchit, or vCard Global, it is not completely taking over, yet. The use of paper business cards remains as popular a way to provide quick information as it was when the business card first came on the scene a couple of hundred years ago. That said, the transfer of all that information to your database and contacts also remains as tedious and time consuming as ever.

Good news! The transfer of information from the printed business card has been high tech for some time and the popularity of apps that can quickly arrange information into databases and contacts continues to grow. Let’s face it, whether digital or paper, if you are in business or have a career, you have a business card and that business card can either take a lot of your time organizing or a lot of storage space on your desk (or wallet). At least the problem is solved: there’s an app for that.

It’s time to eliminate that drawer full of business cards. If you don’t obtain any other apps for your business, you want to get a business card scanner app. These apps will allow you to store your business card information quickly and efficiently. These are a few of these apps that can keep your contacts handy and help you run your business more efficiently. Some of the apps listed below are free. It’s up to you to find the app that works best with your budget. A partial list can be found below:

Wantedly People – scan up to 10 business cards at the same time.

CamCard – read and save business cards to phone contacts and email accounts; syncs across platforms.

Evernote – scan contracts, receipts, business cards, and any paper. Share or save documents; available only for android.

Haystack – create your own digital business cards, share them via email or text; scan paper cards.

Scan Biz Cards – card scanning, calendar integration, cloud backup and a web portal for backup and online access; three different versions.

World Card Mobile – automatically sort recognized information by name, company, position, address, phone number, email address and other fields. Then it exports information to the address book on smartphone effectively.

ABBYY Business Card Reader – scan and store contact information from business cards in up to 25 languages.

FoxCard – especially helpful for those with lots of business cards; reads and saves multiple cards at a time.

Microsoft Office Lens – scans business cards, documents and whiteboards.

As you can see there are a multitude of possible choices, each invaluable to increasing your efficiency. It’s up to you to do the research and then choose the scanner that works best for you and your business. And if one doesn’t work, you can always delete and choose another. By digitizing your business cards you will keep your contacts safe and always at your fingertips.

Now that’s a time wise business solution you can use!

Don’t forget to leave a comment or some of your business solutions.

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